Friday, June 27, 2008

Small Rose Garden Pictures

It is possible to grow a lot of roses, even if we only have small gardens. I have a small garden consisting of 25 feet wide strips of land surrounded by trimmed Ligustrum hedges, very small patio areas, a small courtyard in a nook between my neighbours house and a small back yard divided into 2 rooms by hedges. I have crammed all my favorite roses together with perennials, wines, annuals and plenty of bulbs and gone vertically, using trees, walls and structures to create more privacy. Everywhere you look there is roses. I am not sure everyone would like such a garden, since it seems crowded and casual, with very few formal details. A rose garden is also a high maintainance garden. Most of my clients are not willing to put this much work and effort into their gardens. But I like it and I am sure I can squeeze in some more roses and I definitely need more foxgloves, delphiniums, sweet peas, clematis and ...and ...and ... It is such joy to draw the curtains in the mornings and from all my windows I can see roses. A "wall" of rose fragrance hits me when I open my doors or windows. When I come home I can smell my garden 30 yards away, since I have so many other scented plants, besides roses. (Some neighbours think that it is almost too much!). I think many are surprised to see that this is what a garden designers garden looks like. Well Garden Designer and/or Garden Coach wannabe. Many probably think that my garden is supposed to showcase my work, but most of my clients have much bigger gardens and are not willing to put this much work into their gardens, since most want low maintainance gardens. So here are some pictures showing it is possible to grow a lot of roses even in a small rose garden:

Area with repeatflowering Antique roses (Damasks, Bourbons, HPs, Chinas and Moss roses):

Patioclimber Nordina in front of A shropshire lad and William Morris, with Evelyns and Ambridge roses in front of salvia, St. Cecilias, Emily,and Wife of Bath in small bed in the background in front of bench:

Mix of Antiques (Madame Issac Pereire, Loise Odier + Austins , HPs and Some Romanticas (Meilland Roses). I still have room for a few groups of Austins and I need a few more climbers,and more Foxgloves and Delphiniums next year:

Gertrude Jeylls and climbers Constance Spry and New Dawn - New dawn has so many buds this year!:

Climbing rose Albertine, with Clematis 'Etoille Violette' other Antique Roses and Clematis on walls:

Climbing rose Madame Alfred Carriere with Rose Ellen underneath:


Karen said...

Your rose garden is beautiful!

Zoë said...

Fabulous Niels, I could happily spend hours sat in your Rose Garden, watching the insects and birds enjoy the haven you created.

Best Wishes,


Perennial Gardener said...

Your garden is stunning Niels! I love your roses. I can imagine they are alot of work but if you love it then it's not work right?

Balisha said...

Loved my first visit here. Beautiful roses. I'll be back to watch your garden grow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Niels,
Not too computer savy. I desktopped your blog when it was on Honorine di Brabant. Went on today and that was still the latest blog; thought "he doesn't update much." Then I thought, maybe it isn't automatically updated on the desktop" Did a search and sure enought it doesn't. Yet I desk top Garden Web and Rose Hybridizers Assoc. and the latest items come up when I long in. Any suggestions??
PS- read your updated post on pruning LOuise Odier/GJekyl on GW and it was so informative with the text and pics. Have lots of big OGRs and moving to less space so will print out your comments. A wonderful teaching lesson that you gave by the way. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

bestdank said...

Niels, absolutely gorgeous collection! You should be on your fishing trip. I hope you catch some big salmon. Make sure you take some pictures of your trip. I would love to see the area were you catch them. Good Luck! Mike

Mother Nature said...

I wish you were my neighbor and the fragrance from your garden would waft my way. I think your garden is what everyone wishes for when they think of roses. I'll be returning frequently.

Katarina i Kullavik said...

Niels, your rose garden is absolutely stunning! This is the type of garden that I'm trying to create - a garden crammed with lovely, scented roses and geraniums, foxgloves and the like... Beautiful!

Elke said...

Your garden is so beautiful and I really can understand your passion for roses . . . roses . . . and much more roses ;-)

Barbara said...

By accident I came to your blog and I am glad I did! As my great passion goes for roses and especially old rose sorts, I was now reading several of your posts with great interest. I guess you have very cold winters too, haven't you. How do you protect your roses against frost in Denmark, do you have rose trees too? Actually we have an unusual long period with very low temperatures and so I'm a bit afraid about all the damages it has done to the roses here (especially the rose trees). We'll see it soon....I'll certainly return to your blog again!
Have a good time and greetings from a frosty rosegarden in Switzerland,

Thomas L. said...

Truly amazing, that you are able to grow so many roses in such small garden spaces. As a rose lover I would be thrilled to have so many roses - and they look so healthy! I know one of your clients, and you have created a stunning rose garden for him too. They are so happy for all their roses and your work to keep them looking so great. Your metal rosearches are so great! I live in Mariager now and hope you have time to help us design, choose roses and other plants and establish and plant a rose garden for us too? We would really like you to build 8 of your big metal rosearches too. I will email you.

roda said...