Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garden Shopaholicism

My name is Niels and I am a shopaholic. Hi Niels!!!!!!!! Well only a garden shopaholic and I almost got it under control. As long as I don´t visit garden centres, nurseries or even look at the plants for sale at the supermarket, I can resist anything - (But temptations).

Ever bought something you really don´t need for your garden? You visit your local plant dealer and see some really nice plants (more likely 15)and think they would look nice in your garden. A week or even 2 later (well a month or more right?) they are still sitting in their pots, price tags waving in the breeze,since you never got a round to planting them?

I go to a nursery looking for 3 roses and come home with 8. I rationalize I can always plant them in pots (The ever growing pot ghetto) until I know where to plant them. Each year they have a plant sale in my city - I promise myself every year only to buy the plants I really need this year. Obviously I need a lot more than I was planning or thinking before I went. I come home with really nice terracotta pots (They were cheap I lie to myself) and they are still in my tool shed.
I had promised myself to buy more faux terracotta planters this year - but when I see the real thing I sort of loose control. A friend told me that he never seen anyone buy this many huge pots - after we went shopping at a supermarket and I saw these big terracotta pots. THEY WERE ON SALE! With many other things I am frugal, but when it comes to plants, garden equipment, books and other garden stuff I never seem to be able to get enough. Let me read an article in a garden magazine about peonies or new day lilies and I begin to compile a list of varieties I MUST HAVE.

Compulsive shopping is often a smiled upon addiction. I always tell myself that it is better than smoking or drinking, and that it is not so bad... but I have to admit that I do shop all things GARDEN compulsively - sometimes. At lest it does not impair other parts of my life I tell myself. When we think of compulsive shoppers we most often think of women who buys too much clothes,shoes, jewelry and cosmetics. It can become a serious problem that end with debt problems and even broken marriages. Research shows that 9 out of 10 compulsive shoppers are women. But perhaps men are better masking their compulsive shopping? Men seems to buy different things compulsively than women (Sporting goods - think golfer, hunters, fishermen, sailers and don´t even get me started on things for the car!. And how many weird collectors of strange items have you known or heard of?

Compulsive shopping relieves tension. Some shop out of loneliness, others for the rush of it, still others to fill some inner need. Some seek greater self-esteem, others use it to battle depression or anxiety. Some shop to return to a happy childhood, others to escape a bad one. I always felt cold as a boy - and I buy way too many coats each year...

I promise ... well I will try not to buy more Clematis than I need this week when I am going shopping for those. There are some really nice new ones that I must have ... At least they are useful and I have not (yet) become a collector of garden figurines and gnomes. I will not post pictures of all the potted plants standing all around my garden - IT REALLY ISN´T THAT BAD - IS IT? IT´s just a few things for the garden!


Cindy said...

Oh man, can I relate to what you just wrote! I am a major garden shopaholic. I love the "ever growing pot ghetto"! That is my deck all the way. Great post, thanks for making me smile. :-)

Steve said...

Niels, your "shopoholic syndrome" I have sympathy with. As a landscaper working fairly intimately with residential customers, I develop far too much of a desire to please and maybe even overdo their expectations.

Thus, a trip to a nursery for me can be a budget-stressing visit! When I go for 5 of this and 13 of that, I generally realize I will come home with 7 of "this", 17 of "that" as well as the newest remarkable plant I suddenly imagine a place for! Oh, and that Purple Grass is stunning! Add that!

Mother Nature said...

If this were a sin, we would all go to hell.;)

Sheila said...

Hi Niels! I'm a plant shopaholic too!

Perennial Gardener said...

Hi Niels, I'm a Garden Shopaholic too! lol And with mail order catalogs avoiding the nurseries and discount stores doesn't even help. Everyone could always use another clematis, I have 4 or 5 different types and I want more.

Niels Plougmann said...

I suggest we can make an online accountability group for garden shopaholics! The need seems to be there ... Look up the Serenity Prayer and repeat it, before going your next visit to a garden centre!

Donna: I sure hope not!

Oh Perennial Gardener: I totally forgot about the mail order cataloques! Let me run to my mailbox and see what I have gotten ...

Hi Steve: Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. You do some excellent hardscaping/landscaping. I can relate to the desire to please clients. But I have learnt my lessons and clients get what they pay for ... well and a few extra plants!

I sure wish Purple Fountain Grass could grow here, but it is too cold and they have to be treated as annuals.

Budgetting is really a hard part of garden designs! But we do get better at it over the years.

lj said...

Hi Niels- My name is LJ and I'm a plantaholic. I went to the nursery to buy some things for my mom's garden and got my self a "Petite Delight" Monarda, I don't have room for it in my garden. It's sitting in it's original plastic pot on my lawn. I couldn't help it, it was on one of my many lists. I think I've come to the right place for support, thanks for getting things started :)

artistsgarden said...

Hi Niels.
I am so with you on this - went to buy plants for a client - and bought two more for me.
I currently have ohh about 10 shrubs sitting in pots waiting to go in...
And do it goes on!
An Artists Garden

Zoë said...

I did have a huge giggle reading this, we have a lot in common.

I went to the Hampton Court Flower Show yesterday, which as far as dens of inequity and palaces of temptation go, is about as bad as it gets.

Every single rose grower in the UK is there, displaying and selling there wares. Every decent Nursery is there too, clematis, geraniums, all the famous names, and all selling delights! I took the train to try and curb myself, rather than my cavernous Volvo. I am under Dr's orders not to carry anything having had surgery recently: did it stop me? No!

Lady Emma Hamilton and several species perlagoniums alongside countless seeds and catalogues came home with me. Oh and a string of fresh water pearls (not sure how that happened!)

I need help, where do I sign up to this group?

Best Wishes,


Katarina i Kullavik said...

Niels, I'm a bit like you, I have to confess...I seldom leave a nursery without buying anything - even though I've decided that y garden is full. _Why I even enter the nurseries is a mystery...

Amy Kimball Stoddard said...

Okay Niels....... NOW JUST WHAT IS WRONG WITH GARDEN FIGURINES AND GNOMES ???? Your garden would not be complete without a "tanuki"...yet another reason to make a pilgrimage to Japan.

Guilty Gardener said...

Niels -
At least you can stop at roses and clematis! Of course if you are like many of us as long as it flowers just right or the leaves are too lovely to pass by, you will own far too many of anything. That's ok, it is not your fault the plants are to blame.


Karen said...

I confess I am a shopholic too! I sometimes avoid going to any garden shop BUT that doesn't help because there is always the internet! LOL

Terra Hangen said...

I enjoyed your humorous take on an addiction /compulsion many gardeners either suffer from or embrace.
It sounds like you are embracing it and your garden benefits with more and more beauty.
My most recent blog post is called Garden Therapy, similar topic. I admitted to spending 20 or 30 dollars per visit; I bet you spend more.
But it IS cheaper than a visit to a psychologist, I am sure. Smiles, Terra

Niels Plougmann said...

I feel so happy to know I am not alone. Perhaps there are some adddictions or obssesions that are actually healthy or necessary?

Lj: I sure Wished I had room for a monarda - perhaps I do?

Karen: 10 Shrubs! - Hi Karen - welcome to Garden Shopaholics notso Anonymous!

And here I thought you were a friend Zoë! Coming here and mentioning Hampton Court Flower Show! I just got an instant crawing to go shopping again! Codependency I think it is called :-)

I wish my compulsive Garden shopping was limited to Clematis - I only bought 5 or 8 I think? and Roses! But it is far worse than that! Perennials, bulbs - oh alliums! And seedkatoloques and all the other online posiblities to go shopping when the garden centres are closed! Did you have to add to my guilt by mentioning the Internet - Karen?

Amy - no figurines whatever fancy japanese names you have for them are let into my garden .-)

Well I suppose If I only spent 20-30 Dollars every time I would not have a problem - but it is much worse! Thank you so much for giving me the Idea to call it garden therapy Terra! Perhaps I can get medicaid/NHS/Health insurance to reimburse me? Or make my garden therapy remedies tax deductable!

Rosy said...

I can relate to that, although I thought that was only a women's problem, it's good to get a man's perspective.