Friday, September 5, 2008

Eden Rose - Pierre De Ronsard

One of the most beautiful romantic roses ever created is the Meilland rose; Pierre De Ronsard also known as Eden rose. It belongs to a class of roses known as Romanticas. Fully double roses with a romantic old fashioned look. It is the French Rose company's response to the popularity of the English Austin Roses. Modern roses with an old fashioned look. Many of the Romanticas are Hybrid Teas to the core, but not Eden Rose, that is more like climber:

The flowers are huge and cup-shaped and very heavy. The buds are light green and develop into creamy white almost cabbage looking and later cup-shaped flowers with a delightful blush pink center. As the flower ages they turn almost white. The flowers are often used in exclusive bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements, and I can think of few roses more pretty for beautiful blushing bride than Eden Rose. Eden Rose in various stages:

Few roses are this easy to grow because of it's outstanding disease resistance. The leaves are dark green, tough and shiny. In USDA zones 5 or colder it is never going to be much of climber, but can be grown as a shrub rose. In warmer climate zones it can be grown as a 4-5 feet tall shrub with hard pruning or it can be grown as climber.

The rose was hybridized by Marie-Louise Meilland from the Family owned French rose company: Meilland Roses in 1987 .In Europe the rose is mostly known as Eden Rose, Even though It in France was named Pierre De Ronsard after the the great French poet. In America the rose is often known under the name Eden Rose Climber.

Due to the popularity of the rose it became included in the "Roses Hall of Fame" by popular vote of the member societies in the World Federation of Rose Societies in 2006.

If I shall mention some of the few flaws the rose has it must be that the rose only have a very light fragrance, and like other fully double roses it does not like wet weather, so I often pick nice bouquets if it going to rain:

Meilland Roses has a developed A website for this rose: I suggest you visit and see how beautiful the rose is and enjoy the pictures of how the rose can be grown and read some samples of Pierre De Ronsard's poetry:

Eden Rose Website in English

Eden Rose Website in French


tina said...

It is beautiful.

Roses and stuff said...

Stunningly beautiful! An extra plus that it's resistant to deseases.

chey said...

I love those old fashioned roses, especially in a lovely plump bouquet, such as in your last photo. Very beautiful Niels!

Mother Nature said...

Welcome back. Thanks for a wonderful post.

nikkipolani said...

Perfect timing, Niels. I have just chosen Eden to replace Scentimental in my cutting bed. A neighbor of mine grows it as a large shrub and I will do the same. Eden blooms almost too well here - the stems usually bend to breaking point with those heavy blooms.

Rosy said...

So many have been smitten by this rose and oh! yours look exquisite, love them all.

JGH said...

It's okay if you don't remember welcoming me on blotanical - it was almost two months ago! Obviously I'm a little late exploring the site, but was glad to get your message. I'm not surprised that your friend moved to Austin. After Nyack, it's defintely one of the coolest towns in the U.S.

One resolution I've made after seeing your blog - I have GOT to grow more roses!!

How did the salmon fishing go?

François le jardinier de Marandon said...

Pierre de Ronsard in le Jardin de Marandon in france :

My Mother's Garden said...

Incredible beauty! The photos take my breath away and I think my imagination is creating a smell memory in my head.
Thank you~

Philip Bewley said...

Welcome back, Niels.
I enjoyed this post on the romanticas. I have also noticed as you indicated that with roses of this type they do not like overwatering or rain as the petals brown.
How was your holiday?
I was impressed with the salmon flies. The salmon in Denmark and Sweeden is so flavorful.It is making me hungry thinking about it.
Best regards,

joey said...

A romantic beauty indeed, Niels ... leave it to the French! A lovely post with great info. I'm enchanted by your roses (wish I had more sun and room to grow more).

Philip Bewley said...

Oops typo on Sweden!

Steve said...

Niels, what an utterly spectacular rose! So plump and creamy. It has never been hard to see why anyone would become absolutely fascinated by roses, my friend. You make it look as wonderful a hobby as one can imagine. Lord, I love your website. Keep it going.

Violas Trädgård said...

Hej Niels. Fantastiska bilder du visar! Du har helt klart inspirerat mig att skaffa 'Eden Rose'. Tack! Karin
PS. Ledsen för din förlust... hoppas din resa till USA bidrar till distans och kanske lite senare välmående.

Anonymous said...

So lovely! I've been trying to find out if the foliage of this climber is evergreen. Do you know?

Mariella said...

hello, it's a pleasure to visit your blog, I will add it to my list. : D

this is a very beautiful rose, romantic and something vintage in my opinion.

best regards

maría cecilia said...

Hello Niels, I read your post completely because I have this climbing rose here at home, in Chile, and it does great at my garden in Los Andes mountain, up high to 1080 mts over sea level...and what I liked to learn was that it is also called Eden rose, and I really believe it is from the ideal Eden.
Muchos cariños
Maria Cecilia

Jennifer Tidwell said...

A friend had a simple bouquet of these in her wedding, but I never caught the name of the rose. Now I know!

I will be adding at least one to my gardens for my cut flower business. I've just about decided to specialize in pink and bi-color roses and this fits the bill nicely.


Eileen said...

I've had my Eden rose for more than 12 years. This past year it started growing red sucker branches off the main branches, not from the root like most suckers. How do I stop this process or is the bush doomed?

Anonymous said...

So here we have a plant known generically by not just one but two trademarks!
Eden rose is an abandoned American trademark and at present PIerre De Ronsard is registered trademark in Australia
So it is known simultaneously by 2 trademarks......and not by it's real name Meiviolin. ....this appears to be classical genericism of trademark which would make the trademarks. Eden Rose and PIerre de Ronsard invalid
This would mean that the commonly known name of the plant ie PIerre de ROnsard is free for anyone to use
Any comments from readers out there ?

Sylvia Cook Photography said...

I did a google search to come up with some info on this rose. Luckily I found the tag almost buried because I couldn't remember the name of it!
I have 2 of this Eden rose, and it is by far my favorite.
Thank you for the info on it, I did link your blog to mine.
I have my blog post here if you'd care to see mine: